Verified fundraisers

We are maintaining a list of verified fundraisers/donors/ebayers (and/or a link to their blog) to provide reassurance to bidders and contributors that these are genuine sellers who are supporting the overall bento4Japan mission – to raise money for Japan doing what we do best. For a list of all items for sale by these sellers and more please click here

We are constantly updating this site, so just because a seller is not on the list below does not mean that proceeds are not going to a good cause! Make sure that the wording ‘100% donation to (charityname) Japan Relief effort’ is underneath the item name.


Debra ‘hapa bento’
ebay site / blog site

mils ‘notabrownbag’
EU raffle /ebay site /blog site

Crystal ‘Pikko – yumyumbento’
ebay site / blog site

maki “Just Bento/Just Hungry” – The Big Onigiri
blog site / blog site/ ebay site

Lilian ‘karaimame – Acquiring Taste’
EU raffle / blog site

Heather ‘Ohayobento’
ebay site/ blog site

Sheri ‘Happy Little Bento’
ebay site / blog site

Chantale ‘The Adventures of Skinny Mini Kiki’
blog site

Michelle ‘Sonoma Bento’
ebay site / blog site

ebay site / blog site

Nichola ‘Mecha Genki Bento’
ebay site/ blog site

Jenn ‘Bentobird’
ebay site / blog site

Gamene ‘Bento Zen’
ebay site / blog site

Stephanie ‘bentofabulous’
ebay site / blog site

Megg ‘Popartichoke’
ebay site / blog site

Shannon ‘Bentolunch’
ebay site/blog site

ebay site/ blog site

ebay site / Flickr


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