Bento4Japan – an update

Wow. Bento4Japan have most definately come a far way. When I sat here two weeks ago typing away furiously to set up the framework for Bento4Japan; I never envisioned how well received it would be. I was obviously wrong. The support that we have received from bento makers around the world, bento retailers and bloggers have been overwhelming. As of today we have shot past the $2,500 mark – with much more to come. This is amazing considering that our initial goal was $1,000. This is definately much more money than we can raise on our own. Make sure you check out our auctions if you have not yet done so – where HAVE you been?


Irresponsible Allegations
It had also become apparent in recent days that there have been concerns raised by irresponsible media with regards to goods coming out from Japan. No, the ume that you use is NOT radioactive; neither is the natto nor nori. These have been produced months ago. Neither are the bento boxes and accessories radioactive – what a load of poppycock (don’t I just sound so english 😉 ).Just because someone in the media find it appropriate to paint misleading pictures of three-legged birds and people not touching the tapwater DOES NOT MEAN THIS IS TRUE. True, some local small-scale farms and dairies in and around areas affected by the nuclear plant may be potentially unsafe; but these are well controlled and contained – besides, the scale of the produce production means that very little; if any at all ever leaves Japan anyway. The biggest issue at the moment is the hardship in getting much-needed supplies to the communities that badly need them due to infrastructure problems, not radioactive milk.

The only people affected by this scare-mongering are the business of the Japanese people, already seriously affected and impaired by the tragedy. For example, we are of course pleased that our favourite magewappa makers near Fukushima are unaffected; but widespread rumours of those beautiful work of art first of all hurt the magewappa makers in a way the tragedy had not and secondly; deny you the pleasure of holding a beautiful work of art (PS: Please watch out for our magewappa auctions! There is already one very special magewappa up right now with more to come )

To find out more, please hop on over to the Big Onigiri’s message here.


Back to the auctions
As we are raising money for charity, please be aware that any auctions that are up benefiting bento4Japan MUST have 100% proceeds going to charity. We have stressed this on our Verified Fundraisers page; but it was apparently not clear enough. To ensure that you are included in our list of verified fundraisers (and to protect our very generous and kind bidders) please email me prior to putting an item up for auction on ebay. We have the responsibility to ensure that the trust our kind supporters have placed in us is channelled in the right direction, and not for commercial gain. Please grab our badge and promote bento4Japan; but in order to protect our cause we must insist that this is only used for non-commercial purposes.



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