Bento4Japan – alive and kickin’!

Amigurumi onigiri
eat me!

Apologies for the cobwebs on the Bento4Japan HQ – we are still alive and raising funds for Japan!! A couple of things….

Bento4Japan raffle
In case you lost track of time (like I did!) the EU-wide bento4Japan raffle on JustGiving has concluded!! In all, we have raised over Ā£200 (inclusive of GiftAid) which is short of our target, but we thank everyone that had donated from the very bottom of our riceball hearts. Thank you so very much guys for supporting us!

We have contacted the winners individually….and they aree…..drumroll….

Jinny – the thermal bento set
Jenette – the blue bento cars set

Giant picks: Michelle, Gail, Bittersweet and Kathleen!!

Congratulations everyone; hope you enjoy your new bento toys!

Bento4Japan Amigurumi bento set! SOLD FOR $107!!!

Bento box food play set

If you have been visiting our ebay page to bid on our goodies, you would’ve noticed this cutie up for auction there! Crafted by our very own super talented karamaime, this adorable bento have been handmade by love over a few weeks.

All items are life-sized and hand stitched with love and care for details. This set will be a joy for your little one to serve you o-bento anytime!
It includes:

* 1 lettuce leaf
* 2 onigiris (rice balls)
* 1 shiozake piece (salted salmon)
* 1 lotus root (renkon) slice
* 1 kabocha (Japanese pumpkin) wedge
* 1 broccoli floret
* 1 shiitake mushroom
* 2 tamagoyaki (omelet) slices: spinach and traditional
* 1 carrot flower
* 1 edamame pod
* 1 cherry tomato with a wooden pick
* 1 usagi ringo (apple bunny)
* 2 grapes
* 1 strawberry
* 1 orange slice
* 2 food cups (paper and felt polka dot)
* 1 bamboo chopsticks
* 1 origami chopstick “envelope”

The items of this box are made from wool blend felt fabric (30% wool/ 70% viscose), acrylic felt, wool blend yarn, cotton yarn and are stuffed with poly fiberfill. Cotton thread was used for sewing and a minimal amount of fabric glue to secure tiny spots. The little pick is made of wood and ribbon. The bamboo chopsticks are not a disposable type and can be re-used/repurposed.

The plastic bento box measures approximately 22 x 14 x 4 cm.

Felt and yarn creations are not as plastic ones, keep in mind they won’t probably last as much as they would have been made from another “long lasting” material.


Bento4Japan Crane earrings

The very talented and creative Sheri had also donated a beautiful pair of origami crane earrings! Please bid generously – this item have been handmade by Sheri herself.

Onigiri polymer clay earrings

And last but not least, I made a pair of earrings too! Crafted out of hand moulded polymer clay , this pair of earrings is then baked gently over low heat before being glazed and then topped with a connector of a REAL south sea pearl! Please bid generously here!


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